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Smart, customized charging solutions

Every site for new charging infrastructure presents unique challenges. EV-PV looks at each project individually, then finds the best technology to create a solution that serves everyone’s needs, with lower operating costs and higher uptime.

We’ll evaluate your location to select the best site for your charging stations, factoring in electrical capacity, obstacles and accessibility. We want to ensure chargers are installed in a spot that’s not just convenient for you, but also for those who’ll use them.

Site evaluation
& selection

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Adding EV charging creates challenges around electricity supply and demand, but it also provides opportunities to actually reduce your reliance on the grid, even during peak demand.

We can help you deploy an EV charging solution that leverages solar and battery storage, as well as microgrid technology that can supplement the grid, help you manage peak demand, mitigate surge pricing and guard against high electricity bills.

Grid optimization 

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